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Pro-Level Coaching is for the athlete that wants the support of a coach to leave no stone unturned on your path to becoming a more skillful, confident, and efficient athlete. Throughout the season, we keep you focused and motivated so you can focus on exceeding any fitness expectations you have. This level of coaching involves regularly analyzing training and racing data to adjust the program as needed. For a coach and athlete partnership to be successful there needs to be a high-level of communication on a regular basis. You don’t need to be a Pro for Pro-Level coaching, you just need to want to perform like one.


Personalized Programming is for the athlete that needs a road-map to help maximize their training time, limit the risks of injury, or just to simply keep them on track.  For a program to be successful it needs to be personalized because no two athletes are the same. As athletes we all have different strengths, weaknesses, race schedules, and goals. If we don’t have the same needs then how can we have the same program? Personalized Programming provides a monthly schedule for the athlete to follow and that is designed to help them meet their specific goals.


The program that is trusted by cyclists, triathletes and recreational riders is now being offered as exclusive personal-coached training sessions on Zwift. This program is built on the hundreds of athletes who have seen success through our progressive program that not only builds week-to-week but season-to-season. We are excited to now offer that same in-studio experience to everyone at home!

*Zwift Membership Required (Not Included)


The Tru Fit Cru Membership is your ticket to our content and community.  This membership gives you access to all of our local NYC outdoor training sessions as well as our online content and access to our private Mighty Networks app. Most importantly it gives you a Cru of like minded athletes that are here to support you during your endurance journey and inspire you to find out what's next! 

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