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In cycling power is produced in the hip transferred through the knee,  the ankle and finally through  the midfoot (arch) to the pedal.  Power can be lost at any of these “transfer” points along the kinetic chain: the knee can travel inward or outward, at the ankle by allowing the ankle to drop the heel and lastly at the midfoot by allowing the arch to collapse.


The point we want to look at is the midfoot. We can all easily agree that a stiff soled cycling shoe transfers more power to the pedal than a regular running shoe because the foot is better supported to allow more power to be transferred to the pedal. What we need to also look at is what is happening inside that shoe. Is your foot collapsing at the arch during the down stroke while force is being transferred across the midfoot? If your foot is in fact collapsing during the power phase of the pedal stroke then you are losing power to the pedal.


Most cycling shoes are built with a relatively low arch and do not support most athletes properly and this is where the custom insole helps transfer power.  By providing the arch of your foot with the proper support and eliminating the collapse of the the arch more power will be transferred across the foot to the pedal.


Along with helping transfer the power across the midfoot the insole will also help eliminate the inward rotation of the tibia that occurs when the arch flattens.  That rotation of the tibia can send a chain reaction of problems up the rest of the kinetic chain to the ankle, knee and hip that can lead to host of  injuries and compensations.    


In the running community arch support has been a hot topic of debate and continues to be; BUT it is not a debate in the cycling community. The overwhelming consensus is that supporting the midfoot during cycling leads to better power transfer and biomechanical alignment.  


At TruFit Solutions we use FootBalance’s innovated 100% customizable insoles bringing you the benefits of custom orthotics at an affordable price in about 15 minutes.

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