Brian Hammond

  • USA Cycling Coach
  • USA Triathlon Coach
  • Ironman University Coach
  • F.I.S.T Bike Fitting 
  • Precision Nutrition

Over the past 20 years - from working as a personal trainer, manager and educator for Equinox Fitness Clubs to becoming one of NYC’s primer endurance coaches and bike fitter to being listed on The A-Team of The Nation's Best Coaches by Robb Report Health & Wellness. I have dedicated countless hours to understanding how the human body adapts to training and how to handle the hurdles and obstacles that stand in the way.


Aside from the hours spent studying the literature I am also well versed in the practical aspects of competing as a finisher of a variety of endurance events such as: Ultraman Florida, Ultra-marathons, multiple Ironman finishes, 24-hour Mountain Bike Races, Leadville 100, USA Triathlon Age-Group National Championships and Xterra Off-road Triathlon World Championships.  I have first hand experience on what it takes to participate in and train for a variety of endurance events while balancing life in NYC as a business owner, husband and father of two.


I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of athletes from beginners to professionals, able-bodied athletes to the physically challenged, from the individual athlete to teams of athletes training for a common goal. What I have learned from this unique combination of experiences is that without a doubt there is a right way for each and every person out there to be a successful athlete. A proper training program needs to take in consideration the unique balance that is required for each athlete to manage their work, social and family obligations with training for success to be achieved.  Finding the proper bike fit for an athlete is not simply following a list of suggested body angles, it is about understanding how each individual athlete's body moves and how they need to interact with their bike. The bottom line is that there is rarely a one size fits all solution to any problem in the world rather the best solutions generally come from individualized attention; let’s find your solution.

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