New Bike Fit


Dynamic Bike Fitting


TruFit Solutions utilizes the latest tools and information to ensure you are able to produce your optimal power while in a position that can be comfortably sustain.  With the use of a Dynamic Fit Bike we are able to compare different positions without ever getting off the bike and as you continue to pedal! For example a Dynamic Fit Bike allows for the seat to moved up or down as well as forward and back while the athlete remains on the bike cycling so that they can directly compare which position feels more powerful and comfortable.

In addition to moving the saddle around while riding the athlete is also able to compare different bar positions. Do you like the bars a little lower or higher? Do you like the bars a little closer to you or further away? Without the use of a Dynamic Fit Bike you would be stuck getting on and off your bike as the fitter swaps out stems and spacers; which is time consuming and never truly allows for a direct comparison of positions.  And if it wasn’t enough already the Dynamic Fit Bike also allows us to test different crank lengths to see which length suits your riding position and style better.


By having the ability to directly compare your saddle/bar positions instantly is key to getting a comfortable fit. But with the added ability to see your power production and pedaling efficiency in different positions using the built in Computrainer with Spin Scan will give us the confidence that you are not only in the most comfortable position but also the most powerful/efficient position possible.

If you are investing in a new bike lets make sure we find the bike that fits you rather than figuring out how to get you to fit on your new bike.  

When looking at road bikes it is no longer enough to just know you are a 56 cm or 58 cm you need to understand what geometry suits you best. Which style of geometry; race, sportive, endurance or something that blurs the line is best for you?

When looking at triathlon bikes you very well could be a size small in one brand and a large in another. Do you like your bars low with a long reach or higher with a shorter reach? 

After we find out what position best suits you for comfort, power and efficiency you will be provided with a list of bikes that will fit your preferred position and budget.  

Retro Bike Fit

If you already own a bike but are just looking to get more comfortable, powerful and efficient on it then a Retro Fit is what you need. 

When performing a Retro fit we will work within the parameters that your current bikes geometry allows.  There is no point in testing a lower bar position than your current bike will allow. There are a number of things we use to help adjust the geometry of the bike from changing out stems, bars, seat posts and crank length.  


Once your new position is found we will than provide you with the list of changes that need to be made to your current bike to match your preferred fit.  A number of the changes can be made right there on the spot at TruFit Solutions but if there are more complex changes that need to be made we will work with your preferred mechanic or bike shop to help make the changes that are needed.  

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