The proper positioning of the cleat to the shoe will insure that each leg will be put into the best biomechanical position possible to produce and effective pedal stroke and relieve pain.  A typical cyclist will average some where between 80-95 pedal strokes per minute resulting in around 5,000 strokes per hour of cycling; if the biomechanics of that pedal stroke are slightly off you can imagine how it can lead to injury in your back, hips, knees, ankles or foot. With the use of wedges, shims, spacers and lasers we can assure that each leg is tracking properly throughout the pedal stroke to limit the risk of injury while improving the power and efficiency. 


This service will focus mainly on the placement of the cleat on your shoe as well as length of the pedal spindle.  We may also address saddle position as well as it can have a great affect on pedal biomechanics.  The pedal/cleat fitting session takes 60-90 minutes and is performed on the Dynamic Fit Bike to allow for saddle adjustments while pedaling. The use of wedges, shims, spacers may be utilized to find the best solution for you. 

Pedal/Cleat Fitting

Cleat Installation


If you have ever bought a new pair of cycling shoes or needed to replace worn out cleats then you know how frustrating it is to try and get your cleat is the same place as it was before.  The slightest change in position will drive you absolutely crazy and worst can lead to an injury.  

TruFit Solutions is happy to relieve you of that frustration and risk of injury by installing the cleats for you.  We will measure and match your previous placement to be sure your pedal stroke is the same as it was before.  

Pedal/Cleat Interface

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