Coaching vs. Programming

At TruFit Solutions we have decided to draw a line between what coaching is and what online coaching has become.  Over the past decade as online coaching for endurance sports has gained in popularity we feel like the word ‘coaching’ has lost some of its meaning.  When we speak of coaching we imply that there is a healthy level of interaction between the coach and the athlete.  What a lot of online coaching has become over the past years is simply programming; which is one aspect of coaching but is not the sole requirement of a coach.

We understand that some athletes need the full coaching experience and others just need a great personalized program. TruFit Solutions has made both options available and we call them by what they are: Personalized Programming and Private Coaching.  If you are a self sufficient athlete that just needs a road map to get you to a new PR, to maximize your training time, or just to simply keep you on track then our Personalized Programming is what you need. If you are the athlete that wants the support of a coach to help you become a more skillful athlete, to keep you focused and motivated and to be with you throughout the season then our Private Coaching service is what you are looking for.

Coaching Program Include:

  • Personalized Annual Training Plan

  • INSCYD Physiological Testing/Analysis

  • Weekly/Daily Program Adjustments

  • Training/Racing Data Analysis

  • Training/Racing Nutrition Consultations

  • Equipment Recommendations

  • Racing Strategy Consultations

  • Access to Zwift Sessions

  • Local NYC Outdoor Group Practices Membership  

Programming Includes:

  • Personalized Annual Training Plan

  • Discounted INSCYD Testing/Analysis

  • Access to Zwift Sessions

  • Local NYC Outdoor Group Practices


Program Based On:

  • Your Life Schedule

  • Your Race Schdule

  • Your Strengths & Weaknesses 

  • Every Race You Do (Road, MTB, Running, Triathlon, etc..) 

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