Personalized Programming


Programming is a very valuable (arguably the most valuable) service a coach provides for the athlete. The program is the roadmap of what the athlete will be focusing on throughout the year and the workouts that will successfully prepare the athlete for their events. When programming a coach needs to take into consideration all of the constraints that may affect an athlete's ability to train such as; work and family obligations, physical strengths and weaknesses, race schedule, travel schedule and environmental constraints (like living in NYC vs Colorado) to name just a few.  Programming needs to be personalized because no two athletes have the same constraints, the same race schedule or the same strength and weaknesses. If they don’t have the same needs then how can they have the same program?

What is a Personalized Programming?

TruFit Solutions has always argued against athletes using a generic program out of a book or a general 16 Week Beginner (Intermediate, Advance) Program because these programs do not take into consideration that particular athlete's training constraints. Does the program take into consideration the environment that the athlete trains in? Does the program take into consideration the time constraints the athlete has due to work, social and family obligations? Will that program fit the athlete's vacation schedule or the fact that they want to compete in multiple races throughout the season? Does a generic program take into consideration that one particular athlete may have a different set of skills than another? Does the program take into consideration that a triathlete might be a beginner swimmer, advanced biker and an intermediate runner? NO they don’t, they are built in a perfect world situation and we all know that none of us live in a perfect world!


What a good coach does is looks at all of those factor and then designs a program that best utilizes the time the athlete HAS to train rather than creating a program for the time the athlete WISHES they had.  TruFit Solutions Personalized Program does exactly that. We create a program that focus on your needs, your race schedule, your time constraints, your strengths and weaknesses.

How does it work?


The athlete will answer a questionnaire that will help identify their strengths and weaknesses, race schedule, race distances, travel dates and other information that is needed to generate an Annual Training Plan (ATP).  Once the ATP is generated there will be a call between the coach and athlete to discuss the overall concept of the plan for the athlete’s approval. After the training plan is approved by the athlete the first 8 weeks will be uploaded into the training software (TrainingPeaks); after the initial upload an additional 4 weeks will be added every 4 weeks until the completion of the season.  The athlete will always have 8 weeks of training uploaded in their account so they can plan accordingly or request changes if needed to better fit their life schedule.  

TrainingPeaks allows us to create cycling and running workouts that are downloadable to select Garmin devices, smart trainers, and a host of training sites such as TrainerRoad and Zwift.  This allows the athlete to be sure that they are sticking to the workouts as designed to fit their personal intensity.  The cycling workouts are created using either Power Zones or HR Zones; while the running workouts are based on Pace or HR Zones.  So depending on which variable you prefer to track during training you will be sure that you are hitting the intensity of the workout that are specific to your fitness. 

Do I need to buy a program for each event I participate in?


No! Your Annual Training Plan will take into consideration every event you plan on participating in during the season. TruFit Solutions specializes in endurance sports such as cycling, running and triathlons. We can develop a program to fit any need from mountain bike racing to Gran Fondos, 5Ks to 100 mile Ultra marathons and from sprint to Ironman triathlons and beyond.  We also understand that not every athlete only competes in one sport. So if you like to race a couple triathlons, a marathon and maybe even a few mountain bike races throughout the season then your customized Annual Training Plan will fit your unique and specific race calendar.  

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