Physiological Testing

Do you wonder what enables high performance at anaerobic threshold? Why do different athletes require different fueling strategies and carbohydrate intake? Why do different athletes have different abilities to utilize fatty acids as fuel? What allows certain athletes to change their racing rhythm and attack their competition, with bouts of high power output, again and again and again? If these questions are of interest to you then physiological testing is the answer. 

TruFit Solutions has partnered with INSCYD to provide athletes with the most comprehensive physiological testing and analysis tool to date. INSCYD has been being used for many years by World Tour Cycling Teams such as Team  Bora-Honsgrohe and Lotto-Jumbo, professional triathletes like Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno and Cameron Wurf, as well  as numerous federations around the world and is now available to all athletes looking to improve their performance. 

What does INSCYD provide?

  • VO2  Max-  Your  aerobic  capacity.   

  • VLamax-  Your  anaerobic  capacity. This  is also the most  important metric to  know as an endurance  athlete. It dictates how  well you will perform in short,  hard efforts, as well as how efficient  you are at longer, steadier efforts. It governs  fat vs. carb combustion, as well as your ability  to improve threshold power, or improve short, high intensity  efforts.

  • Lactate  accumulation  and recovery-  Lactate  is the fuel  we use to move  and train. Now we can  see, very specifically, how  much lactate you are producing and using at any intensity.  This includes interval efforts, as well as the  specific wattage and time for recovery. Maximal recovery  wattage varies with each rider – as an example a rider will  recover 200% faster at 200 watts vs. 100 watts. With this data, we can be more specific with workouts, leading to faster and more attainable  adaptations and results.

  • Fat combustion-  The  amount  of calories being utilized from fat stores at all intensities.  We can look at ways  to harness your fat burning  (fat max) potential, yielding better  results during longer rides and races.  Think of it this way, riding 20 watts harder  at the same perceived exertion, all while burning  fat, not additional carbs.

  • Carbohydrate  combustion-  The  amount  of carbs  you are burning  at all intensities.  This can also be used  for fueling strategies, and  pacing strategies- great for longer events and triathletes where nutrition is often the limiting factor (ability to properly replace carbohydrate demand).

  • Predict  the outcome  of training plans  and adaptations.  For  example,  predict what will happen to your power at threshold if you improve your Vo2max compared to increasing or decreasing your VLamax.   

Jan Frodeno's Coach on VLamax
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