• Brian Hammond

Retro Fitting - Working with what you have!

If you already own a bike and are looking to just get more comfortable, powerful and efficient then a Retro Fit is what you are looking for. Now a Retro Fit is still a Dynamic Bike Fit, the only difference is that we will only work within the geometry of your current bike.

The fitting process is still the same as when you are buying a new bike except we are limited by how much we can change your current position because of your current bike frame. There is no point in testing a lower bar position than is possible with your current bike frame dimensions or the reach of the bars as well. Now with that said there is still a large range of positions available on a frame with simple change of stems that can change provide up to 60 mm adjustability in the reach of the bike as well as the stem can affect the how high or low the bars can be by changing the angle of the stem. Along with the changes that you can make with changing out the stem you can also impact the fit of the bike by changing seat posts, crank length and handlebars. So as you can see even though we are limited within the possibilities of your frame we still have a pretty large area to work within to find your fit.

Once your new position is found we will than provide you with the list of changes that need to be made to your current bike to match your preferred fit. A number of the changes can be made right there on the spot at TruFit Solutions but if there are more complex changes that need to be made we will work with your preferred mechanic or bike shop to help make the changes that are needed.


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