You will never know if a saddle is right for you until you sit on it while riding. Looking at a saddle or talking about it will never compare to actually sitting on it. TruFit Solutions has a large number of demo saddles that can be tested by the athlete. Set time to come in and try a number of saddles while riding to see what "feels" right. Once a saddle is selected you can then use the saddle for a week to be sure it is the one for you. 

Saddle Fitting


Saddle Demo


Saddle Fitting is an hour long session where we will test a number of saddles using the Dynamic Fit Bike.  By using the Dynamic Fit Bike it will allow us to change the saddles out quickly allowing for more saddles to be tested in a shorter amount.  We will also be able to make quicker fine adjustments such as seat angle and fore/aft to truly dial in your saddle position. 

After the saddle fitting session the athlete  will have the ability to test saddles as needed to make sure it is the proper saddle for them out on the road.

Saddle Demo does not include testing the saddle indoors on the Dynamic Fit Bike. The demo program is simply the opportunity for an athlete to test ride a saddle for a week on their own bike.  We are happy to install and set the saddle up to match your current saddle position 

The weekly cost includes the installation of the demo saddle and re-installation of your current saddle. The demo saddle can be used for up to 7 days from installation. 

Saddle Testing/Demo

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