Bike Fitting Services 

TruFit Solutions offers a variety of services to help you find the power, comfort and efficiency that every cyclist deserves.  With the utilization of the latest tools and information we can ensure that you are able to produce your optimal power while in a position that can be comfortably sustained.  From looking at the complete bike fit or just focusing on certain contact points we can help dial you in so that you will actually enjoy sitting on your bike miles after miles.  Get Comfortable. Get powerful. Get efficient. 

Dynamic Bike Fit - Retro Fit​

If you already own a bike but want to maximize your comfort, power and efficiency then this is what you need. We will work within the geometry parameters that your bike will allow. Once your fit solution is found then we will provide you with the needed adjustment to be made on your current bike to match your preferred fit coordinates. 

Pedal/Cleat Interface


The popper positioning of the cleat to the shoe will insure that each leg will be put into the best biomechanical position possible to produce and effective pedal stroke and relieve pain. With the use of wedges, shims, spacers and lasers we can assure that each leg is tracking properly over the pedal.  

Custom Insoles


TruFit Solutions is also able to make custom Foot Balance Insoles to enhance the connection from the athlete to the bike. Most cycling shoes have a flat sole with little to no arch support. Without proper support at the arch the foot can collapse during the power phase of the pedal stroke and lose power to the pedal. Aside from the loss of power you may also be feeling “hot spots” or foot discomfort because the foot is not being evenly supported. A custom insole can help with both power transfer and comfort.

Dynamic Bike Fit - New Bike Purchase 

Gone are the days of when all bike manufactures use the same sizing ranges. What that means to you is that you can no longer assume a size medium in one frame is the same size as a medium in another. How is a Specialized Shiv different from a Cervelo P3? How is a BMC Gran Fondo different from a BMC Team Machine? Get fit first and get the bike that fits you rather than buying a bike and then making it fit.  

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